Special Machine with Light Indication+Hooter and Intelligent Combi IT Indicator


  • PRINTER OPTIONS : RS 232 Interface for Computor/Printer Interface.- USB port for interfacing PC keyboard for easy typing.-Multiple types of printing formats.-5000 combi slip memory/full and half size slip printing.- Plain or preprinted slip printing.-Header programmable at site of 10 lines with 16 alpha numeric characters.-Footer programmable at site of 3 lines with 16 alpha numeric characters.-Can be interfaced with label printer.
  • DISPLAY : 16 characters 2 lines LCD display with back light(For IT section).-Big 1″ or 0.8″ green/red LED display segment( For weighing).
  • ACCURACY : High accuracy with upto 50,000 stable counts.-Dual capacity and accuracy with adjustable decimal point.
  • OTHER FEATURES : Based on 1230 ADC for good stability.-With non volatile memory chip.-Interfaceable with upto 8 loadcells.-Operatable on 220V AC.-Date and Time password protected.-Data can be downloaded on U Disk for further analysis on PC. – Interfaceable with audio visual alarm set for static check weigher.
Model No. Capacity Least Count Plateform
SNBK/SNEW-50(Bench) 50 kg 5 g 300×350 mm
SNBK/SNEW-50(Bench) 50 kg 5 g 400×400 mm
SNBK/SNEW-100 100 kg 10 g 500×500 mm
SNBK/SNEW-150 150 kg 10 g 500×500 mm
SNBK/SNEW-200 200 kg 20 g 550×600 mm
SNBK/SNEW-300 300 kg 50 g 550×600 mm
SNBK/SNEW-500 500 kg 50 g 750x750m
SNBK/SNEW-1TonMS 1 Ton 100 g 1000×1000 mm
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