XF-P0 Precious Metal Analyzer

  • Analysis elements: K(No.19)U(No.92)
  • Max up to 30 elements could be tested at
    the same time
  • Analysis range: 0.010%99.999%
  • Test Precision: ±0.03%(999 gold)
  • Test sample : Precious metal alloy/Liquid
  • Customized TCP/IP protocol API interface,
    support for extranet control of devices,
    status monitoring and data collection
  • Supporting multi-point continuous test,
    high test efficiency
  • Optional turntable with ten sites, support
    continuous automatic test of 10 samples

XF-P0 Precious metal analyzer is an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer made by CFAN Instrument and which can be widely used in jewelry recycling, jewelry factories, hallmarking center, banks and other industries. The instrument adopt the USA customized Si-pin detector, built-in Intel i3 quad-core CPU industrial computer, adopts X-ray and visible light confocal light path and newest smart FP algorithm, the test of analyzer is fast, stable and accurate and high cost performance.

  • Input VoltageAC100240V50Hz
  • Package size615mmx555mmx480mm
  • Machine size500mmx400mmx368mm
  • Test chamber size380x320x155mm
  • Rated power<150W
  • Gross weight58KG
  • Net weight43KG
  • Noise50dB
  • Operating environment
    • Temperature15°C31°C
    • Humidity<70%Noncondensing
Core Components
  • DetectorAMPTEK customized Si-PIN
     Area: 6 mm2, Resolution145±5eV
  • Built-in industrial PCIntel I3 quad-core
  • HV power supply50KV/1mA digital HV
  • X-ray tube 50KV/1mA
     Window material : glass window
     Target material wolfram
     Focusφ 0.5mm
  • Collimator : φ2.0mm


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