XF-P3 Coating Thickness Analyzer

  • Analysis elementsAl(No.13)U(No.92)
  • Support up to 10 layers of detection
  • Support simultaneous analysis of thickness and
  • Measure limit2nm (thickness)
    2ppm (composition)
  • Test PrecisionRSD±1.5%(thickness:1um
    ±0.01 %( 99.9%)
  • Compliance with standard ISO3497:2000,
    GB/T16921, ASTM-B658
  • XY plane micro motion platform
    stroke: 30mm*30mm
  • Lead glass for observe easily
  • Multi collimators and multi filters
  • Customized TCP/IP protocol API interface,
    Support external network control status,
    monitoring and data collection of machine


XF-P3 is a kind of high-performance coating thickness analyzer launched by CFAN Instrument for the nondestructive coating inspection industry, which can be widely used in various electroplating, electroplate, connector and other industries. This product uses customized fast SDD detector, built-in quad core CPU industrial computer, and runs smart FP algorithm. Without standard samples, the coating thickness and composition can be detected at the same time, and 10-layers detection can be supported.
The performance of analyzer is fast, stable and accurate.

  • Input VoltageAC100240V50Hz
  • Package size625mmx560mmx480mm
  • Machine size500mmx400mmx368mm
  • Test chamber size380x320x155mm
  • Rated power180W
  • Gross weight59KG
  • Net weight44KG
  • Noise50dB
  • Operating environment
    • Temperature15°C31°C
    • Humidity<70%Noncondensing
Core Components
  • DetectorAMPTEK customized Fast SDD
     Area: 25mm2, Resolution125±5eV
  • Built-in industrial computerIntel I5 quad-core+
    win11 system
  • HV power supply50KV/1mA digital HV
  • X-ray tube 50KV/1mA
     Window material : beryllium window
     Target material wolfram
     Focusφ 0.1mm
  • Collimator : 0.1×0.2mm/0.2×0.5mm/ φ1.0mm


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